Finding inspiration can be extremely hard in anything you do, whether it be in writing, drawing, decorating, styling etc. That's why finding that light at the end of what feels like a very long, dark tunnel is so rewarding. That's why I was ecstatic to come across one of my favourite male bloggers, Jorden Keith. I thought that taking on one of his looks (Daniel Patrick) and getting to style it in a female friendly way could be a challenge that would be oh so worth it in the end. So how did I take his look and make it my own? One of the most important aspects of both our looks is the black on black that so many people shy away from. However, in his look he chose two pieces that are closer in colour compared to my look that takes on two different shades of black and blends them together. Mixing and matching your shades of colours isn't always dangerous and can allow your pieces to not all blend together. Another important feature is the length to the shirt. In his case it is in fact a shirt that comes a little ways past the hips and mine is a dress that was easy enough to make into a shirt. Each item of clothing you wear makes a statement and has a particular purpose. Whether it be graphic tee's that have a saying that explains who you are, or pictures of your favourite characters/superheroes. What you wear lets the observer know just a little bit about who you are and what your interests may be.

And speaking of pieces with a purpose (clever word play, I know), this dress/t-shirt comes from Purpose Boutique, and they believe that shopping can make a bigger difference that just making you look good. Purpose helps making a difference easy, and you can help just by shopping! Here's how they make a difference...

1.They donate 1% of their sales to Rescue: Freedom International which is an organisation that fights sex trafficking around the world. To read more about what Rescue: Freedom International does click on the blue words!

2.They partner with brands that empower people all over the world who face exploitation or disadvantages (below are just a few companies partnered with Purpose)

3.They Style giving you 1:1 personalised styling tips and tricks (with no charge) to help you create the perfect look

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